Art Matters

At Raise the Barre, we believe in inspiring, training, and supporting artists. We’ve compiled this resources page as a guide for students and families- giving transparency to our teachings and beliefs, and providing useful resources forĀ  home-school/online learning, auditions, and arts advocacy. We know that an informed and collaborative community is a strong and supportive community. We hope that you’ll find these links helpful and inspiring, as art truly is essential.

Want to learn a little more about arts education and it’s impact? Take just a few short minutes to read “Arts Education is Essential” (click here for link)- a unifying statement published and supported by the National Art Education Association and 52 other national organizations.


Audition Resources

Audition Monologues

Actors can never have too many audition monologues- but it can be difficult to find the right ones! Using downtime to find, memorize, and practice new monologues is an excellant way to be a proactive performer.

Audition Songs

Theatre artists, actors and dancers should always be prepared to sing at an audition. It is suggested that artists have at least one ballad and one upbeat contemporary musical theatre song in their repitoire. Additional genres that are useful to prepare include: jazz, Golden Age musical, pop, and rock.

Audition/Agency Listings

Artists We Love

(That You’ll Want to Follow!)

Below are some of our favorite companies and artists that are using their creative voices to benefit others, bring together their communities, enrich and educate youth, create diverse opportunities, and promote entertainment careers. Give them a follow and get inspired!

Broadway Performer & Activist


ABT Principal Dancer

Dance Theatre