Raise the Barre’s journey began in 2010, when Teresa McKenzie-Brubaker invited friends and fellow members of her homeschool community into her home to offer professional dance instruction in a fun and nurturing environment. Word spread about the classes, and Raise the Barre quickly grew. By 2012, with a roster full of students and an experienced theatre team, we were able to put on our first original ballet, Spring, and our first full scale musical production, Dear Edwina Jr. In January of 2013, Teresa and Melanie Pyles decided to team up to open the Laguna Niguel studio location. Now equipped with studio space and a black box theatre, Raise the Barre has been offering performing arts and fine arts classes, theatrical productions, and community performance experiences for 10 years. In 2015, we expanded our programming by offering arts enrichment classes as Raise the Barre School of the Arts in collaboration with local charter schools. With an emphasis on supporting students and providing professional expertise, we are so proud of the community that Raise the Barre has built for fellow artists.

Our Story Began

Our New Chapter

Like all families, businesses, and communities throughout the world, 2020 has brought on new changes that no one could have anticipated. When faced with the question of what to do with Raise the Barre during these difficult times, the only answer was to keep moving forward. While we have hopes that our studio location and black box theatre can one day safely be used again, we have to acknowledge that the world is changing- so we’ve taken this time to change along with it.  We have turned our attention to inspiring, training, and supporting artists in new ways. This means new programming options, alternative performance opportunities, and a new emphasis on sharing resources and connecting artists so that we can cultivate a strong arts community. No matter where we are or what our differences may be, through art we grow stronger.

Meet Our Team

Teresa McKenzie-Brubaker

Artistic Director

Melanie Pyles

Office Manager

Lexa Wroniak

Marketing Coordinator

& Instructor